Bev's Fans

Beverly emulates the concept of going the extra mile for her clients

"My most sincere thanks for the highly professional job you did in selling my Oak Brook Club condominium. This took a special effort during a difficult time of restricted entrance to the property due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

You emulate the concept of going the extra mile for your clients. Prior to leaving for my new home in Arizona, you found a college student to help me get ready for the move. You have a great eye for detail and staging. Your professionally designed sale brochure is a knockout.

You supervised the removal of four rooms of furniture from my unit and coordinated the donation of a wide assortment of household articles to local charities. Then, you worked closely with my attorney to assure an efficient closing.

You provide exceptional service and are a total pleasure to work with. You were highly recommended by former clients and live up to your reputation as the top relator for Oak Brook Club sales.

Please add my name to your list of delighted clients and feel free to use my name as a reference".

Lee Strouse - Scottsdale, Arizona

She has a wealth of knowledge around real estate

"Making the decision to sell your home and move to a new location is one of those life changing events. There are so many questions and decisions to be made. When we made the decision to sell our home, I contacted Beverly Lannon of Coldwell Banker after watching her successfully track record and consistent results. Once we met, she fully delivered on my expectations. Beverly’s approach is personal and sincere. She has a wealth of knowledge around real estate in the area. Her businesses acumen is professional with an attention to details which comes through during the listing, visits, negotiations and other task. Beverly is an expert in maneuvering through the process and is able to deliver positive results. I highly recommend Beverly Lannon. I can’t think of a better, more qualified agent to work with on a real estate transaction. "

  -Gwen H, Client

Beverly is professional, fun, intuitive

"Beverly is professional, fun, intuitive and very detail oriented. While I had criteria for a condo search, Beverly picked up on items from general conversation to help refine the search for a new condo. The things she picked up on I hadn’t even recognized as important for the search!! When it came to the close process, Beverly was a great source of information and assistance, keeping the process organized and on track."

  -Ann B., Client

Bev gets the answers.

"We value your experience. You have years of experience. You are great. Why work with Bev ? Bev's success rate. Bev's personality. Bev's knowledge. Bev has the ability to visualize what could be improved in a home; helps the client see it or move on if it isn't going to work. Bev gets the answers. Bev is great with clients. Bev is warm with clients."

  -Wendell H., Seasoned Investor, Client

Does a super job

"Bev did a great job selling my home including marketing materials, layout of my home furniture so it would show well and working through the process. She sold my home at only a slight discount to my listed price. The final price was actually about 2.5% higher than the price I had expected/hoped to sell the home for. The time from initial listing to sales contract was only about 30 days. Bev has both helped me purchase and sell homes and does a super job."

  -Michael ElDorado, Client

What a right decision that was

"Beverly Lannon came into our lives on a Thursday after Steve and I made an emotional decision to put our condo on the market and move to Florida. We knew Bev through all the postcards we had been receiving from her marketing, and made the decision that Coldwell Banker's reputation and Bev's success here in the Oak Brook Club would be who we would want to represent us to sell.

What a right decision that was. We signed with her on Friday and she showed our unit on Sunday and low and behold on Monday we had an offer. Who knew that in a day we would sell. It's been whirlwind month but with a lot of advice and calls of panic from us, we will close on the 12th. Thanks Beverly for all your help".

The Spencers